South N1 TS Trigger key

Does anyone know how to program the trigger key (red) to do what it was supposed to do?



Hi @antgav,

Does the South N1 have a red trigger key? I checked images but i can’t find one. You have a photo of it?

Hi @antgav,

Let me check with South. Their on holiday right now until the 7th so probably won’t have an answer for you until then.

Is it not working at all or do you want it to do something else?

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Hi Bob,

well its working, but instead of trigger key, it volumes up the sounds :joy: :joy:

haha Interesting :rofl: :rofl:

That’s definitely weird haha :sweat_smile: Let me follow this up for you!

Hi @antgav,

What i got is this:

Look in the backs measurement page —> angle/distance/coordinates.
Within the setting you can define the trigger key.

Let me know if this helps.

You mean on the basic Survey Star program? There is not such provision, i cant find a trigger key setting.

Sorry for the delayed response… Still checking for you!
Should have an answer tomorrow :smiley:

Hi, @antgav
Please connec the N1 with wifi internet, and online update the firmwre of Survey Star and TServer this two software to the latest version. Then you can work with the trigger key for distance measurement.

Survey Star–Setting–About

We will wait your further feedback.

I found the path for SURVEY STAR, it appears that there is indeed an update, download starts - but it hungs to 2% forever…
For TServer, Register–> Expired! and i don’t really know what to do now… :confused:

“Problem parsing the package” after 2 hours…

Hi @antgav
The downloading from online server may take few time. Let us send you the installation apk file directly, then you can install manually. It will cover the previous version automaticly.

In TSserver, yes, it is controlled by registration code, if the payment is done, we can apply the permanent code for you, if not yet, then we can apply to use a temporary code.

Great, lets do both! The payment is done from day one. Do you need my email address?

Hi, @antgav

Please get it from Bob side, i uploaded the installation file to him. Thanks

Great thanks. how do i do that? :slight_smile:

I’ve send it to you in a private message:)

Great. I got it and updated. Still, the red button doesn’t seem to be supported. In the list for trigger keys (on the right), there is no such option, even in the updated version. Its a list of the physical keys of the screen and its side.

Hi, @antgav

Please check the photo and video in the attachment. I took one N1 and tested in the warehouse, everything works correctly.

Maybe you can record a operation video to let us see where is the difference.Processing: N1 test (1).jpg…