NMEA $GPWPL messages

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A quick example on what $GPWPL messages are. Keep in mind that the sentence Identifier can also be displayed as $GNWPL. The message is the same but some GNSS receivers use this format.

Waypoint location
eg1. $GPWPL,4917.16,N,12310.64,W,003*65

       4917.16,N    Latitude of waypoint
       12310.64,W   Longitude of waypoint
       003          Waypoint ID

         When a route is active, this sentence is sent once for each
         waypoint in the route, in sequence. When all waypoints have
         been reported, GPR00 is sent in the next data set. In any
         group of sentences, only one WPL sentence, or an R00
         sentence, will be sent.

eg2. $GPWPL,5128.62,N,00027.58,W,EGLL*59
1 2 3 4 5 6

  1    5128.62   Latitude of nth waypoint on list
  2    N         North/South
  3    00027.58  Longitude of nth waypoint
  4    W         East/West
  5    EGLL      Ident of nth waypoint
  6    *59       checksum
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