NMEA $GPVTG messages

Hi Guys,

A quick example on what $GPVTG messages are. Keep in mind that the sentence Identifier can also be displayed as $GNVTG. The message is the same but some GNSS receivers use this format.

Track Made Good and Ground Speed.
eg1. $GPVTG,360.0,T,348.7,M,000.0,N,000.0,K*43
eg2. $GPVTG,054.7,T,034.4,M,005.5,N,010.2,K

       054.7,T      True track made good
       034.4,M      Magnetic track made good
       005.5,N      Ground speed, knots
       010.2,K      Ground speed, Kilometers per hour

eg3. $GPVTG,t,T,s.ss,N,s.ss,K*hh
1 = Track made good
2 = Fixed text ‘T’ indicates that track made good is relative to true north
3 = not used
4 = not used
5 = Speed over ground in knots
6 = Fixed text ‘N’ indicates that speed over ground in in knots
7 = Speed over ground in kilometers/hour
8 = Fixed text ‘K’ indicates that speed over ground is in kilometers/hour
9 = Checksum
The actual track made good and speed relative to the ground.
x.x,T = Track, degrees True
x.x,M = Track, degrees Magnetic
x.x,N = Speed, knots
x.x,K = Speed, Km/hr