NMEA $GPGSV messages

Hi Guys,

A quick example on what $GPGSV messages are. Keep in mind that the sentence Identifier can also be displayed as $GNGSV. The message is the same but some GNSS receivers use this format.


GPS Satellites in view
eg. $GPGSV,3,1,11,03,03,111,00,04,15,270,00,06,01,010,00,13,06,292,0074


1 = Total number of messages of this type in this cycle
2 = Message number
3 = Total number of SVs in view
4 = SV PRN number
5 = Elevation in degrees, 90 maximum
6 = Azimuth, degrees from true north, 000 to 359
7 = SNR, 00-99 dB (null when not tracking)
8-11 = Information about second SV, same as field 4-7
12-15= Information about third SV, same as field 4-7
16-19= Information about fourth SV, same as field 4-7