NMEA $GPBOD messages

Hi Guys,

Below is a quick explanation on what $GPBOD messages are and how they look like.

Bearing Origin to Destination

eg. BOD,045.,T,023.,M,DEST,START

       045.,T       bearing 045 degrees True from "START" to "DEST"
       023.,M       bearing 023 degrees Magnetic from "START" to "DEST"
       DEST         destination waypoint ID
       START        origin waypoint ID

Example 1: $GPBOD,099.3,T,105.6,M,POINTB,*01
Waypoint ID: “POINTB” Bearing 99.3 True, 105.6 Magnetic
This sentence is transmitted in the GOTO mode, without an active route on your GPS. WARNING: this is the bearing from the moment you press enter in the GOTO page to the destination waypoint and is NOT updated dynamically! To update the information, (current bearing to waypoint), you will have to press enter in the GOTO page again.

Example 2: $GPBOD,097.0,T,103.2,M,POINTB,POINTA*52
This sentence is transmitted when a route is active. It contains the active leg information: origin waypoint “POINTA” and destination waypoint “POINTB”, bearing between the two points 97.0 True, 103.2 Magnetic. It does NOT display the bearing from current location to destination waypoint! WARNING Again this information does not change until you are on the next leg of the route. (The bearing from POINT A to POINT B does not change during the time you are on this leg.)