Expired code in the receiver G7

Thank you Bob, the codes that were provided are working, I am unsure of the insert SIM card repeating message, Is there supposed to be SIM card included?

HI @JCarter,

No A sim card is not included as this depends on the region or country you work in. We can give you a dutch sim card but its not gonna work in the US haha. If you use the device as a rover without sim card, set the receiver to Rover - Bluetooth mode. Or Rover Internal Radio mode when working with UHF. If you set it to ethernet or cellular its going to ask for a sim card.

Hello Bob,

Can we take time to schedule a Zoom meeting for training on the device and setup?
The team and I have been trying to setup the unit but have no experience in doing so with this kind of equipment. Please reach out to Monica at The Donald Danforth Center, she has emailed you in regards to getting us setup and going.

Hi @JCarter,

Hope the meeting with Hugo went well yesterday:)
Regarding any further questions, please create a new topic on this platform as this topic is for the expiry code only:)

Hello Bob
Pls I need permanent code for my South g1 galaxy
The serial number is IMG-20220729-WA0012

Hi @Dami,

Where did you buy this unit? Did you get it from us? eg. Global GPS Systems or Surveying Hub?
Awaiting your response :slight_smile:

i believe this instrument is bought within global gps system. i did not buy it directly because i bought it from a person and this person gave me temporary code in which has expired but i want to get the permanent code myself. the person also promised to contact the direct source where he bought the unit.

i will really appreciate your help if i can get the permanent code

Hi @Dami,

I really want to help you but I can’t find your serial number in our database and after checking with south it was sold to you by a Turkish dealer. We can’t provide codes for devices that other dealers have sold.
I suggest contacting the person you got it from as he needs to supply it to you.

Next time get it from us so we can help out :wink:

thanks alot

Hi @Mejla15 Please I just bought South G1 but registration code has expired. Please can you assist me? the serial numbers are as follows

Hi @Surv_Qweku,

Where did you buy these as we can’t find them in our system. Did you get it from Global GPS Systems or Surveying Hub?

Awaiting your reply

Hi Bob,

Good day to you…

We just bought brand new south galaxy G7 but both are registration expired. hope you can help us for the code for this (S910BB148612512NKA) and ( S910BB148612538NKA )

Thank you so much Sir

HI @Kenjay ,

Happy to help:) However I can’t find them in our system.
Did you get it from Global GPS Systems or Surveying Hub?

Awaiting your reply