Expired code in the receiver G7

How to fix this situation where the receiver reports an expired code.
See attached video
G7.zip (3.7 MB)

Hi @Mejla15,

Yes that’s the permanent code for the receiver. Let me send this to you by private message tomorrow.

To activate the code please do the following:

  1. Access the User Interface. On your pc, go to the WiFi settings and look for South-xxxx
  2. Once connected, open your internet browser and go to
  3. Username and Password are: admin, admin
  4. In the User interface go the the tab “General Config” and enter the code.
  5. Press “Register”. You should here registration successful and the expiry date will be updated to probably the year 2300 :sweat_smile:

Hope this helps!

Hi Bob,
the procedure isn’t working. See picture
Where do I get a valid code
Thanks Milan


Hi @Mejla15,

I have send the code in a private message.

Please apply it and let me know if it worked :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @Mejla15,

Did it work?:slight_smile:


Hawe the same problem with the reciver G7.“receiver reports an expired code”
Serial number of my device is:S 910B7148510016NKA

Where and how do I get a valid code.


Hi @peter74,

This is the permanent code for your device:

Please follow the instructions above to activate it on your device :slight_smile:

Hi Bob.
I have a G1 that has the same Expired Code Problem, could you help me?
Registration: SC13A4126338702
Serial number: 02883534263380702

Yup let me check:)

Hello Bob.
I also have a G7 code soon will expired.
My serial number is S910BB148515988
Can you help me too?

Hi @Avalanche_warning,

Yup I’ll send you an email with the permanent code :ok_hand:

Thank you so much i will wait your mail.
Have a nice day bye Matteo

Hello Bob, sorry i don’t have received yet your email for activation code. I am only impatient or you will sent soon???
Sorry for begging you. Have a nice day bye Matteo

Hi @Avalanche_warning,

Sorry for the delayed response! We are still waiting for your permanent code, should receive this this week:) In the meantime you can use this permanent code for your device:

Hello Bob, have news about my code? 7 Febbruary is at the door and the code you gave me expired in this day. I checked email but i didn’t found any. Sorry for begging you again but i have an important survey and can’t have my south donesn’t work!. Thanks best regards Matteo

Hi @Avalanche_warning,

I thought i sent you an email already however please find the code for your device attached :slight_smile:

Hi Bob, thank you so much for the code. I checked but the mail didn’t arrived. Howether no problem thanks again for the support, have a nice day

Hi Bob.
I have a G7 that has the same Expired Code Problem, could you help me?
SN: S910BA148510751NKA

Please help - The code on the South Galaxy G7 receiver has expired.

I bought a Galaxy G7 GNSS receiver from Global GPS Systems. Unfortunately, the code in the receiver has expired and the receiver needs a new registration code. Please help.
My receiver’s serial number S910BA148510751NKA
Best Regards

Hi @Przemek1, You received the codes by email:)