Working with a radio frequency

If you do not have a receiver with an internet modem, and there is no stable internet connection to which you could connect your receiver, for example. Then your next option is to work with a radio frequency.

Of course, you will still receive the satellite data, but it will not be as accurate as you might have wished. This has to be processed in software once you your accuracy has improved to the standerds you needed.

Working with a radio frequency is often seen in rover and base set ups. Where the base is constantly in contact with the rover by means of the radio waves they send to each other. However, you are limited to a certain distance.
It is also important that both the rover and the base can be on the same radio frequency. Otherwise it is simply not possible to have them exchange data with each other.
This way, you can keep sending out points within a certain radius, even without internet. Keep in mind that your meter is accurate at the moment of measuring.

So if you really want to be accurate in real time, always check all circumstances;
• How accurate do I need to be in real time?
• Do I have access to an internet network?
• Does my receiver have the possibility to connect itself via bluetooth to a device that supplies the
• receiver with internet?
• Does my receiver have an internet modem?
• Is there an RTK network available in the area I want to work in?