Wondering if I can schedule a live meeting to speak to a SOUTH representative

I have been speaking with a representative who told me I should ask to schedule a meeting via this forum. I am having a few persistant problems with my SOUTH rover and base set GPS that I think would be easier to speak to a live person to troubleshoot, instead of typing multiple paragraphs of explaination. My team and I are scheduled to use this GPS in the field in a week and a half, but we cannot get it set to our needs, so I was wondering if I could speak to someone ASAP. I very much appreciate your time.

Hi, jstanton
Could you let us know the problem of your receiver and where are you located? who is your supplier and did you try to contact them there?

I am having a few problems. Two of my main problems right now is that the my rover unit will not stop yelling “please insert the proper SIM card” even though I have multiple times run through the UHF settings and have set both my base and rover accordingly to be in UHF mode. We are not at all using our GPS with a SIM card, and have set the setting up accordingly. My next large problem, is that I set up my base and rover at work, but when I try to use them at home, my base unit starts to say “Base connecting” but then glitches out, and says “base error cannot connect” This is only at my home residence though. This is just a FEW of my questions. I am located in the state of Missouri, in the United States. My supplier is GlobalGPS systems, and they said for me to contact a SOUTH representative on this forum when I asked them for a zoom meeting for clarification to my questions. Thank you for your time and guidance Michelle!

Please turn volume up as this is the error message I am receiving when I try to use the base and rover at my house. But when I use them at my work location, I do not get this error. You can hear the error clearly and loudly at the end of the video.

Do you have an update on if we would be able to have a virtual meeting?