Which set would you choose?

Hello community! :wave: :smiley:

Which set would you choose? :thinking:

From left to right:

:point_right: South Galaxy G7 with South H6
:point_right: EFIX F7 with EFIX FC2
:point_right: a-GEO L300 with a-GEO S50III
:point_right: South Galaxy G3 with South H6
:point_right: ComNav N5 with ComNav R60
:point_right: Emlid RS2+ with probably your mobile phone or tablet :grin:

Let us know in the comments! :point_down:

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I already employ the Emlid Reach RS2+ and his older brother the RS2.
I find this kit reliable, accurate and economical.
I couple them with a Cedar CT8 ruggedised tablet for data collection. Software is complemented with Fieldgenius Android ( FGA)

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What is the reason you use the FieldGenius software instead of the Emlid software?

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I am using the EFIX F7 set for a couple of months now and I must say I’m happily surprised of the performance of the set. Like, the software is really easy to use, the receiver is able to get a fix in a few seconds (usually between 2- 5 seconds) and the EFIX FC2 data collector is also a great device.

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Hi Peter, Awesome! We hear a lot of positive reviews of the EFIX F7 and the eField software :smiley:

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The Emlid software is too limited. I use it to initially tie my base to a subscription ntrip service. Otherwise, the fFeldgenius has a user friendly interface and the requisite cogo routines to get the job done efficiently.
Of all the available data collection packages out there, I think it gives the best bang- for- the- buck.
My only complaint is that it refuses to connect to my GeoMax Zoom 10 TS even though microsurvey claims to have fixed the issue in their latest patch, they have not done so.

Hardware for Efix looks slick.
What’s the approximate cost for a base + rover + Data Collector?

It does look good right? :grin:
Its performance is also really good, just like its price :wink:

You can find the price of the EFIX F7 rover and base set on the product page: EFIX F7 Rover Base set | Lowest price online | Global GPS Systems

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