Upgrading Firmware South Galaxy G6


Can you please send me the latest firmware for the South Galaxy G6.

Is there also a way to upgrade the OEM firmware. I note it is running the BD992 from trimble and you can download firmware for this from the Trimble website. Will this work or cause issues?



Hi, Geoff

Can you provide the SN of your G6 receiver? can you see the current OEM firmware version on it?


I have two units:

SN: SG619B133326435
SN: SG619C133327827

Current firmware:

Current OEM:

Current Radio firmware:


Hi, Geoff

As we see here, this firmware combination are good for your two G6 from that period; we don’t suggest to upgrade it any more, to avoid further unknown issue if use the new firmware; the new firmware we have is used on our new models such as INNO7, G2, G3 these, they have different hardwares with your G6, please understand

OK thanks for help.