Unboxing the Kolida K1 Pro

Hello guys! :grin:

In this video we unbox the Kolida K1 Pro! :package:

With the Maxwell 7 GNSS engine inside, the K1 Pro provides an ultra-fast positioning speed. Typically it starts tracking satellite signal within 5 seconds after turning on and coordinates can be acquired within 10 seconds. This new function will let you continue working a few minutes when radio or mobile signal is becoming very poor or even lost in a blind area.

The built-in battery has 10,000 mAh capacity and can work 8 to 14 hours as RTK rover with only one recharge.

Thanks to the inertial measurement technology, the K1 Pro allows user to do a tilt survey with a maximum tilt angle of 60 Β°. Centring is not a must, so surveyors can stay in safe position when they measure on a motorway and don’t need to step into water :chart_with_upwards_trend:

Available on Kolida K1 Pro | Lowest price online | Global GPS Systems :artificial_satellite: