Unboxing the Emlid Reach RS2+

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In this video below we unbox the Emlid Reach RS2+ :package:
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The new Emlid Reach RS2+ receiver features a 184 channel Ublox GNSS receiver board. Alongside a VRS RTK subscription from an RTK network, the Emlid Reach RS2+ GPS receiver can ensure centimetre accuracy in real-time. Since the receiver supports Galileo, GPS, Glonass, QZSS and Beidou satellite constellations, it can provide a high level of GNSS accuracy, even in harsh conditions :white_check_mark:

Besides the GPS satellite, we have included a list of frequencies and other GNSS constellations the Emlid Reach RS2+ can support. The receiver also comes with an 868-915Mhz internal transmitter. In addition, there is a 4GB modem which you can use for a network rover setup. It works alongside a free ReachView App to let you survey points as well as log UBX and RINEX files.

Shop the new Emlid Reach RS2+ now on Emlid Reach RS2+ | €2,145.00 | Free shipping worldwide :artificial_satellite: