Unboxing the EFIX F4

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In this video you will find out what come with the EFIX F4 RTK GNSS Receiver :package: :+1:

The F4 GNSS receiver removes barriers to portability without sacrificing performance. Featuring full GNSS technology, it offers best-in-class GNSS signal tracking even in a harsh environment, enabling GNSS surveying beyond usual constraints. this GNSS receiver supports GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, BeiDou and QZSS, 824 signal channels to track them all.
The F4 GNSS receiver integrates positioning and communication technologies in a rugged unit that is designed to provide work flexibility. When RTK networks are unavailable at your job sites, just easily set up one F4 GNSS UHF base and use your F4 GNSS UHF rover to conduct your RTK survey :satellite:

Available here: EFIX F4 | Lowest price online | Global GPS Systems :artificial_satellite:

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