Trouble with wifi settings South Galaxy G7


I working with a South Galaxy G7. When I set the configuration to wifi-mode I can suddenly do nothing with my interface. Can anybody tell me why I can’t see anything on my interface as soon as I am connecting the receiver to wifi via my smartphone?

Hi @Klaasjan,

What do you mean with WiFi mode? What are you trying to do?

Hey @Andrew,

I’m trying to connect my phone to the receiver via WiFi, like I would normally do with a Bluetooth connection. But it’s connected to my WiFi I do not have any response from the interface.

Can it be that making use of the interface can only be possible when you have a Bluetooth connection? And that it’s not possible with a WiFi connection?

I think you’re mixing up a few things.

the WiFi module within receivers is only used to either receive internet from an external source eg. your phone’s hotspot or to access the gnss receivers User Interface. It also can’t be used simultaneously.

The Bluetooth connection is used to send NMEA data (eg. positioning data) to wherever you need it. Probably in your case a tablet where you run some kind of surveying software?

It took some time to figure it out but I got things much clearer now.

Thanks for explaining how it works, I indeed mixed things up it seems.

Thanks for explaining it @Andrew