The Satlab Eyr RTK GNSS Receiver with Dual Camera Design 📸

While there is some research background in the industry on combining cameras and RTKs, most of the previous “image RTK” were combination products, where the GNSS System Receiver and the camera were almost always used together in a separate unit. This was not only complicated to install, but also very inconvenient to carry. The design of a 360-degree camera for image positioning was achieved by installing multiple cameras at multiple angles to transmit images when the sensor was under development. Later on, image positioning technology was developed to meet the multi-angle measurement requirements in one camera. Two cameras have been creatively added to the rear and bottom of the receiver. The rear camera has 5MP to capture images during surveys and allows the user to zoom in and out; the bottom camera has 2MP for AR stakeout by adding the receiver view, thus the stakeout accuracy stays below 3cm and the stakeout efficiency is increasing accordingly :chart_with_upwards_trend:

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