The Harxon External Radio HX-DU1601D

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The Harxon HX-DU1601D is specifically designed as a way of wireless corrections data transmission in applications of GNSS/RTK surveying, GNSS precise positioning system and autonomous guidance of agricultural machinery.

Why surveyors choose Harxon HX-DU1601D:

:heavy_check_mark: Support Air Baud Rate Switching: 19200bps, 9600bps

:heavy_check_mark: Support Serial Port Baud Rate Switching: 115200bps, 38400bps, 19200bps, 9600bps

:heavy_check_mark: Compatible with Multiple Radio Protocols: SATEL(9600bps,19200bps), Trans EOT (9600bps), TrimTalk (9600bps), TrimMark3(19200bps)

:heavy_check_mark: Support Online Firmware Update • Support High/ Low Power Switch • IP67 Ingress Protection Rating

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