The EFIX F7 Rover Set

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The F7 GNSS receiver integrated IMU-RTK technology provides a robust and accurate positioning in any circumstances. Unlike the standard MEMS-based GNSS receivers, the F7 GNSS IMU-RTK combines state-of-the-art GNSS RTK engine, a calibration-free high-end IMU sensor and advanced GNSS tracking capabilities to dramatically increase RTK availability and reliability :chart_with_upwards_trend:

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Great tool and very efficient after sale services. I myself, I bought the eFix F7+ and quite satisfied with the outcome.


Great to hear! Do you also use the eField software? If yes, do you like it? :slightly_smiling_face:

Love it,
Are you using it as well? How far can you get a fix from the base? Where are you from?

I also really like it!

We test with it alot. Not sure how far we can get a fix from the base. I’m from the Netherlands, how about you? :grinning:

I’ve been using it for two months now, I could still get a fix being 1.5km away from the base. I know that 1.5km is not that far, but not for a little country like Seychelles. I also using the eFeild software that came with the devices. So far, I’ve been working with the RTK workflow but looking forward to explore PPK workflow.

Do you like the eField software? I think it’s a very great, easy to use software solution!

I’m also very interested how the PPK workflow went when you’re going to use it, can you keep me updated? :slight_smile:

I’m using the eField software now for a couple of weeks and I must say that I’m also very happy about it. Before eField I used FieldGenius but I noticed that FieldGenius can lack sometimes in things like the ability to process larger .dxf files. eField has no problem processing those.

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Great to hear @Peter

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