The brand new Emlid Reach RX

Hello guys! :grin:
Below a short introduction video of the brand new Emlid Reach RX :white_check_mark:

The Emlid Reach RX is a pocked-sized and lightweight RTK GNSS receiver. It weighs 250 grams and fits easily in your pocket. With its IP68 rating the Emlid Reach RX is waterproof up to a 1.5 meter depth and the connector is sealed and protected from water and dust :umbrella: :construction_worker_man:

With the ReachView 3 app you can quickly set up your Emlid Reach RX and start surveying. The app supports thousands of coordinate systems and is translated into multiple languages.

You can find the Emlid Reach RX and many other RTK GNSS receivers on :artificial_satellite: