Stonex S990A & Stonex Cube-A Software


I have recently acquired a Stonex S990A along with the Cube-A software. I’m very new to using the Cube-A software and was wondering if anyone could give me some assistance. I’m connected to the ITM coordinate system and the x & y coordinates are seemingly correct but my z axis is off by 55m+. Does anyone know a possible fix for this.



Hawe the same problem as you with south g7.
E and N coordinates are ok but Z is 46.7m off evry time.
Does anyone know a possible fix for same problem.


Hello Peter74.

The issues seems to have been resolved. I believe the Geoid settings for your GNSS rover might not be set. This rectified the issue for me. As I’m based in Ireland, I set the geoid to Malin Head.


Hi @peter74,

You are using MicroSurvey FieldGenius for android right? It’s the software that handles the transformation, not the South Galaxy G7:).
When setting up a project in FG, you cn select the coordinate system, as well as the vertical system. By the sounds of it you haven’t selected the vertical system yet.

Yes, FieldGenius allows you to select ellipsoidal, ellipsoidal derived from a transformed datum (if the horizontal system has a 3D transformation) , or a geoid for your height datum. FieldGenius for Android has a Geoid catalog that allows you to download the geoid directly from our server if required:

Geoid catalog

@Microsurvey, welcome Microsurvey team :smiley: :muscle: