Stonex S990A & Stonex Cube-A Software Vertical Axis Inaccuracies

Hello Everyone,

I am having a slight problem with the elevations with my current GNSS rover setup. The only problem I’m having is that my elevation is about 2.4m off in the vertical axis and sometimes will randomly drop in excess of -4m every second or third point I survey. Initially I did not have my geoid set up and I was getting inaccuracies in excess of 55m. However, now with my Geoid setup I’m still getting inaccuracies but to a lesser degree. However, the readings for my vertical axis are far too sporadic and I cant quite trust whether its right or wrong. Does anyone know where I could be going wrong?

Thank you,


Hi @sam.brennan,
Which grid are you using and which correction network are you using?

Hello Andrew,

I’m currently using the Topcon Realpoint RTK Network but I was also getting similar issues with the RTK Fix. The grid I’m using is the Irish Transverse Mercader, with the geoid being Malin Head.

Which software are you using? Had the similar behaviour with South Galaxy G1 plus.


I am using the Stonex Cube - A Software.