South SurvStar App / South H6 controller issue


Trying to reinstall the SurvStar app on the H6 controller since it is behaving strangely. When connecting a Galaxy G7 with the H6 controller via SurvStar, after a while the position is “rounded off” leaving only the first two digits for Lat degree and Long. and the rest become all zeros.
If I reset the H6, the position can be read normally again. When reading the position from the web interface this rounding does not occur. So I guess the best course of action is to reset everything from the H6 controller to factory settings.

Does someone know where the SurvStar app can be downloaded and how to reset the H6 to factory settings?

I would be willing to try SurvX, but I understand that option is not free?


HI @llogemaanan,

Not sure what the issue could be but yes try and reset and re-install. Factory reset is just like any other android device in settings:
you can download the software here:

where can you get a license for the software, i have egstar but on windows mobile galaxy g1