South Rover and Base Set Up Tutorial

Hello community! :wave: :grin:

In this tutorial we will show you how to setup your South RTK GNSS rover and base set. We have used the South INNO7 as the base and the South Galaxy G7 as the rover. You can use any model as you like as long as the parameters are the same.

To login to the web interface:

  1. Connect to the receivers wifi hotspot
  2. Open your browser and go to
  3. Username and password are both ‘admin’

The settings we used:

  • Datalink: radio
  • Correction protocol: rtcm
  • Channel 1: 438.125MHz (make sure the channels are the same in both the rover and base)
  • Air baud rate: 9600
  • Data baud rate: 115200
  • Power: High
  • Radio protocol: TRIMTALK

When everything is setup, go to “status” and then “Position information” and check if the solution is on float or fixed. If not, either a setting is wrong or you have bad satellite coverage.

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