South Galaxy G7 unable to connect bluetooth

We have a South Galaxy G7 since a week, configuring the RTK source ed from the wifi worked fine. But we cant get any device to connect to the bluetooth. The web interface reports 0 as the pin for bluetooth, we tried that (amongst the other most used pincodes like 0000 or 1234) We tried using a recent android phone, iphone, macbook and windows laptop none of the devices succeeds.

Are we doing something wrong?

Hi @nmo,

In the web interface, when you go to “general confiq” is the datalink set to Bluetooth? You should here this as well when you turn on the device, it will say " rover, Bluetooth mode".

Let me know :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @Andrew ,

changing te datalink from wifi to bluetooth made the rtk correction fail. But we did find te fix for te bluetooth issues, the pincode turns out te be 1234 and we need to force the connectivity from the GIS app before the G7 will actually connect.

Thanks for the advice!

Awesome! Good to hear you got it working :slightly_smiling_face:

When you have time, share some photo’s and stories on how you use it! in the USER STORIES section :smiley:!