South G7 + SURVX 4.0 GRID FILE .GK2

Hi it would be important to give the possibility to import grid files. gk2 for the correction of the orthometric level, these files are released in Italy by I.G.M. and have the best accuracy, Leica through its converter has converted the .gk2 file into .GEM which is its reading format for its software, I hope SOUTH does it too in this way you would have maximum accuracy on the orthometric altitude with the grid

@south-michelle Is this possible or do you have a different way?

Hi, @bob

The geoid file is related with the height accuracy, the grid file is related with the plane coordinates. The .gk2 file is spcial format, is not a universal format.

Is there a correct geoid file in FG which customer can use? Please let us know more inforamation.

The gk.2 file is an Italian IGM grid file ( -systems-geodetic-reference) with the maximum precision compared to a geoid model of generic geoid ITALGEO2005, for example the Leica systems have a conversion system that from .gk2 convert them into .gem to make them read by their gnss, I can attach a .gk2 file so you can understand how it’s done and put your own tension to read them on g7 south systems (1.3 KB)

can you try the geoid file in SurvX? Please download it (1.2 MB)