South G7 no rtk correction BASE MODE

In base mode there is no rtk correction in the g7 that has no sim card? because in base mode there is no bluetooth data link connection as in rover mode? so you work in G7 BASE mode in fix rtk because so it is always in single without rtk corrections

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A receiver in base mode is never able to process rtk corrections. I mean, your base is supposed to send correction data to your rover.

All you have to do is determine the location of the base you’re setting up. The G7 is running a 410-470 MHz internal radio so you can send the data via radio.

If radio is not an option then use the NTRIP CASTER option in the UI. You can find this under Data Transfer —> NTRIP Config. This way you can send the RTCM correction data via the internet.

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Thanks bob but I can’t find NTRIP CASTER option could you make me some screenshots of the route, thanks a lot

ok but after in survX this mode is already set to BASE, do I always have to put data link device internet?

there is no possibility to do everything in SURVX?

I would like to activate the emild caster like in this video, like I do with G7, thanks Reach RS2 as a Base Station for Phantom 4 RTK - YouTube

Hi bob But can I connect my drone with the South g7? If I can do this, tell me how this is another method to connect drone with gnss in addition to the emlid caster, I look forward to your reply I sent you the two connection videos thanks

Within SurvX you can change the mode between Base, Rover and Static. When you change this in SurvX , it automatically changes it in the Galaxy G7. The datalink depends on where you have your internet source or in what way you want to receive the RTCM correction data.

Device internet means that the internet source is the Galaxy G7
Phone internet means that your tablet is the internet source
Then internal and external radio means you’re sending data via the radio frequency

I think if you want to use it the same way as the Emlid caster you will have to use the NTRIP server option. This will send either NTRIP V1 or V2.

But why are you not just using a local RTK network? Its so much easier to setup and much more accurate.

Use the G7 to map out GCP’s, then setup RTK in your drone and done :slightly_smiling_face:

i would like to try the ntrip connection of the g7 with the drone can i do it like in this video? I would like to do some tests, I sent two youtube videos in which way I could do it with the G7 thanks

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many use the base station (Gnss) to the drone with rtk correction in fix and have obtained very precise results, I bought the g7 to make it work in this way but to date you have not explained to me how to connect the g7 to the drone, I already had a Leica gnss system but it was only a rover and to connect to the drone I needed a gnss Base recommended by you (BART) but I want to have an explanation to connect it, it would be very useful to make a video explaining everything thanks

Have you setup an internet source in the GNSS receiver? For example a WiFi Hotspot from your phone? I mean to send out correction data via NTRIP your receiver will need to be connected to the internet

WiFi Hotspot from tablet

Hi @south-michelle
He is trying to use the G7 as a base and send correction data via the NTRIP server within the G7.
Since it doesn’t have a sim card slot he needs to create a WiFi hotspot from his phone.

I know you can create a WiFi hotspot and access the User interface at the same time but how do you determine the IP address to access the UI?

Hi, @bob

I will send you one file with detail steps.

OK we await instructions thanks

DJI P4 UAV rtk connect to SOUTH GNSS Base receivers’ Wi-Fi hotspot

(none SIM card, none CORS server) 2021 08 03

Hardware: 1 set DJI P4 UAV, 1 set SOUTH GNSS receiver (G1, G2, G7, G1plus, G6, Inno7, S660P/N), a computer or phone (to setup GNSS receiver through wifi)

  1. GNSS Base receiver setting (here we set Inno7 as example):

  2. Turn on Inno7 receiver, Using computer connect to Inno7 wifi, then open the browser, input url, user admin, pwd admin*.

Configuration > General Config, Work Mode Base, Datalink None

Configuration > Base setup, set the base coordinate

Configuration > Antenna setup, set antenna height

  1. Base receiver NTRIP Caster settings:

Data Transfer > NTRIP config > NTRIP Caster, check Enable, then input Port and Access point name (you can use the default port 6666 and access point galaxy)

After that you can go to set DJI

  1. Turn on DJI P4 and it’s Controller.

  2. Connect Controller to the Inno7 Wi-Fi,


  1. Go to the controller, RTK setting, RTK Service Type choose Custom network RTK, NTRIP host, port the same as Inno 7’ setting (default 6666), user admin, pwd admin, Mountpoint the same as Inno7’s settings( default galaxy).

After that click Connect,

Then the Inno7 webui will shows load success, that means the controller has connected Inno7 Base receiver. And DJI P4 UAV will get Float or Fixed state.


perfect now i try the configuration with autel rtk, thanks

Works perfectly on autel evo 2 enterprice, EXCELLENT. SOUTH I’ll do a lot of publicity and thanks for your assistance