South G1C web interface through usb/ethernet

Hi, I’ve got a South G1C that doesn’t have wifi. I’m trying to connect to the web interface through the USB/ethernet interface. I’ve gone thru all the settings on the support pdf, installed the bugvista64 driver, set the IP’s and subnet on the the network adapter created in Windows. When I type in the IP in internet explorer ( the connection is made as I can see packets are sent across and the request doesn’t time out, but I don’t get a login screen, just a blank screen. Is there anything I may be doing wrong?

Thanks, Ben.

Hey @benjarratt,

What is the serial number of your device?
Please give it a factory reset. Hold the power button for about 15 to 20 seconds until you hear “restore to manufacturer default”.

This should restore the device to the basic settings and should open up the WiFi connection. Once restored check if the G1 comes up in your WiFi settings under the name South-xxxx. Connect to the Hotspot, open your browser and go to This should open the web interface:)

Let me know if this worked!