South A1 - file transmit

Hello, I acquired a new South Total Station A1 2’’ Android. I can’t transmit the export data directly to an usb. I also can’t make a connection to One Drive. Perhaps someone knows what I’m doing wrong?

Hi @Francis,

What seems to be the issue regarding the USB connection? Is it giving you an error message or is it not recognising your USB?

Please download and install the latest A1 firmware. You can download it via this link:

The station does recognise the usb. I can not export directly to the usb. I can export to the system and later i can transfer from the system to the usb. Importing files directly from the usb is possible.

Hi, @Francis ,

Currently it is exact same as your description with the direct export to USB, we will feedback it to our factory R&D. For now, we use same way that export to internal memory then copy it to USB. Thanks.

Indeed, after exporting tot the internal memory, you can copy to usb, share with Drive or sent it to pc by bluetooth Neither with te cable, nor by bluetooth connection is it possible to explore th files. Thanks … Francis