Problem with South G7 and PPK using HXGN SMARTNET

Good evening I have a problem with the raw data processing of a South G7 and the HXGN Smartnet application. When I enter data in rinex 3.04 it tells me this: Data check failed: No valid antenna calibration file found. Processing will be done without antenna corrections for one or more sites. so the processing does not give me a result. I don’t understand where I’m wrong. Could anyone help me ?? Thank you


Maybe your software has not updated the latest ngs antenna file library. SOUTH G7 had just done the ngs antenna certification recently.

Hello, i have solved my problem asking to supportdesk of HXGN Smartnet.
The problem is how G7 create rinex about antenna name and about time.
This is how i should write correctly the rinex:
SthRinex210809 SOUTH 20220404 160319 UTC PGM / RUN BY / DATE
S910BB148515988 G7mini 1.09.210825.R910GL REC # / TYPE / VERS
S910BB148515988 STHG7 NONE ANT # / TYPE
4491848.7104 747732.2305 4452497.7809 APPROX POSITION XYZ
2.0811 0.0000 0.0000 ANTENNA: DELTA H/E/N
2022 04 04 16 03 19.0000000 GPS TIME OF FIRST OBS

Hope thi s can be usefull for others. If needed i can upload on of my rinex