Missing data in the raw files

Hi, i’ve been using a newly acquired south g1 plus (imu) and it’s been working great but the raw files generated by fieldgenius (v11, windows) seem to be missing some important info i need for control points, here’s an example:


Now let’s compare it to a raw file generated by the same data collector with fieldgenius but with an stonex s900:


As you can see the file from the south g1 plus is missing the Base Line (BL) and RMS Covariance (CV) records.

Using fieldgenius for android and surpad produce the same results, any help with this would be appreciated.

Hello Sir.
About the raw data BL and CV
If the device configed Trimble gnss board, software FG (win) can record it;
If the device configed other board, they can not support BL and CV, so FG (win) can not record it.
So if you need this data BL and CV, you need to use G1Plus with Trimble GNSS board.
Here is a picture shown my test