Is more channels better?

Every receiver has an x number of channels. Some have 200 channels and some have more than 800 channels. But does it matter how many channels your receiver has? Yes, in a certain sense it does.
The channels have the function of processing the data sent by the satellites.
One channel can process one frequency, so you could say that the more channels your receiver has, the more frequencies it can process. However, if your receiver has more than 800 channels, it can use perhaps half of them (at the moment).

But technology is quickly evolving. So it might even be a wise decision to go for more channels. Why? Because it makes you future ready for when more channels become available.

Otherwise the receiver you had bought might become obsolete when more channels are being added than you receiver can handle. This means that as accurate as technology offers you to be!

So always think ahead when picking a receiver! So you don’t end up surveying in the past when the future is already knocking on your doorstep :grinning:

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