Introducing the Greenvalley LiAir 50N UAV LiDAR system

Hello guys :slightly_smiling_face:

The LiAir 50N is a really lightweight cost-effective UAV LiDAR system. It’s powered by Velodyne’s VLP-16 sensor which makes it an ideal entry-level system for environments with minimal vegetation coverage.

The LiAir 50N system integration is comprised of multiple technologies, including:

  • Laser Scanner (LIDAR sensor)
  • GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System)
  • IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit)
  • System Control and Storage Unit
  • Power Supply and Management Unit

Range accuracy: ± 3cm
Weight: 1.4 kg (Incl. camera)
Scan Range: 100m at 20% reflectance

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