Introducing the Geosun GS-260X LiDAR Scanner

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Below a video and some information about the Geosun GS-260X LiDAR scanning system. :camera_flash:

The Geosun GS-260X is a high-end LiDAR point cloud acquisition system. It has an aluminum alloy body and can perfectly operate in a 2.5 square kilometers area in a single flight. With it’s intergrated HESAI Pandar XT M2X laser scanner, GNSS and IMU positioning and attitude determination system it’s an all-in-one device. Perfect for surveying, electricity, forestry, agriculture and land planning.

Measuring accuracy: Less than 0.1/0.05m(@150m)
Weight: 1.15 kg
Laser sensor: HESAI Pandar XTM2X

Available on :artificial_satellite: