IMU tilt sensors

If your receiver has an IMU sensor, it offers an extra possibility when measuring.

Unfortunately, it sometimes happens that there is interference when placing survey points. This can happen when you want to place a point near a tree. The tree can then unfortunately act as a jammer.
However, it is possible to still measure with an IMU sensor at an angle of up to 30 or even 60 degrees. This allows you to still measure at that point with the same accuracy. There are also IMU tilt sensors that block magnetic disturbances to ensure that you can measure undisturbed.

It is often the case that measuring with a 60 degree angle is an option that is present in newer models. Older models often have a range of 30 degrees or no tilt functions at all.

So if you want to be flexible while conducting a survey, a receiver with a tilt sensor is the way to go!