IMU and heigth measurement

When I measure height without TILT Function the results are correct. With TILT Function I have a difference of 2.1 Meter. Is there an explanation for it?
I have an INO7 GNSS

Hello Lute,

You used FieldGenius for Android to survey?

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Hello SOUTH_Tao
Yes I use FieldGenius for Android

Assume you are using FieldGenius for Android?
Have the same behaviour with South Galaxy G1. Opened a ticket at Microsurvey 4 Months before but there is no solution until now!!
Please help with reporting this to Microsurvey to find a solution quickly.

You can refer to the ticket #CTX-953-33226


Can you guys take a look into this as it seems like an error within FG-A

It is a big problem for me, because I cant verify my mesurements. I need a solution for this problem soon

There is a function in fieldgenius to calibrate the sensor, but it ends in an error anytime. Is this a bug or is my system not ok? The 2 meters difference in measurement is for a surveyor not so small. Sorry for my bad English

I found the same issue yesterday. Inno7 and field genius.
Looks like that ten hour day was a waste.

@bob could you please help us users to reach Microsurvey guys for a statement?

Hi Guys,

Microsurve mentioned they will have a fix for it in the next update. timeframe was within the month

Hello everyone,

Really sorry for taking such long time.
Mircosurvy has solved the Height issue by using IMU and there is the new build of FGA. You can download it here to verify the fix.

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