Import shp-file in MicroSurvey FieldGenius Android

When trying to import shp-file i get every time this message:
Ok when creating a new project i have to add a feature list. Here i can add the attributes directly by exctracting from dbf-file. I’ve done this but nothing changed. Please help me :slight_smile:

Here are my files maybe somebody can test it: (1.6 KB)

Hi @dg2405,

Let me have a test and check what’s wrong:)

I’ve testet it with the licensed version and it’s the same behaviour.

Hey Bob, anything new regarding this problem?

Hey Bob, i contacted directly microsurvey. They say it’s a software problem and they try to fix it soon. To work they converted my file to dxf, for my my purpose it’s ok till they fixed it.

Hi @dg2405,

Sorry for the delayed response, i wasn’t around for a few days haha
Good that you found the issue and that they fix it soon:) Let me know when you have feedback from Fieldgenius

Hi dg2405,

We were pleased to help you in that case. But I should clarify that the message you saw isn’t so much an error message as an instruction to follow. The shape file import routine requires that you configure the feature file to define how attributes should be entered or edited before you import the shape file. There is an easy function to extract the feature file information directly from your DBF file.

In your case, once we had created the required feature file we were able to see that polygons aren’t yet supported so that was the reason we sent a DXF file as a workaround. I’ll let you know the developers are currently working to add polygon support in an update so you won’t need to use the workaround after the next update (if all goes well.)

I wanted to add this note in case other users come across the issue.

Here are some links to the help files on these features:

Feature file Manager:

Shape File Import: