How do i get in the interface of the Stonex S990A

Hi i just bought the Stonex S990A but i literally have no idea how to get in the interface of the Receiver.
it would be nice if someone could tell me how to do it!

Hi young surveyor,

You just have to follow these steps and you will be able to get into your web interface;)

The Stonex S990A receiver has Web UI functionality. By getting access to its
internal hotspot, you can easily manage it on the Web UI. As long as you have
a smart phone, PC or handheld with WIFI functionality, you can easily connect
to the S990A receiver to view status, download data and configure the

The S990A receiver is default to open WIFI automatically when it’s powered
Use smart phone/PC/handheld to search the receiver hotspot, whose
name is its serial number, and connect it.
Receiver WIFI only supports getting access to Web UI to check status and set up mode, not for Internet connection.
The WIFI hotspot name is the serial number of the receiver.
Enter the IP address: A window will pop up when the user log in,
which need to fill in the user, that is “admin”, and password that is “password”.

You can also look for information in the User Manual;)

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