GPS Accessories for Surveying: The Must-Have Tools for Accurate Results

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The use of GPS accessories is essential in achieving accurate and reliable survey results. The accessories complement the GPS system and improve its performance :chart_with_upwards_trend:

When choosing GPS accessories, consider compatibility, durability, and functionality. The accessories should also be user-friendly and provide value for money.

By investing in quality GPS accessories, surveyors can enhance their productivity, accuracy, and efficiency.

In the article: โ€œGPS Accessories for Surveying: The Must-Have Tools for Accurate Resultsโ€, we explore the essential GPS accessories for surveying and their role in achieving accurate results :writing_hand:

You can read the article here: GPS Accessories for Surveying: The Must-Have Tools for Accurate Results | Global GPS Systems :artificial_satellite:

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A pretty obvious list of tools the practitioner will most likely have.
The first major supplementary purchase I made to complement my GNSS receivers was a small Stihl power saw. My typical work environment finds me in canopied areas that require some clearance in order to acquire a clear sky.

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That is a probably not the first accessory a surveyor thinks of adding to his shopping list but can come in very handy when working in canopied areas! :grin:

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It definitely wouldnโ€™t be a priority for all- but in my locality, itโ€™s necessary.
I also purchased weather- proof hard cases so I could customize my GNSS/ Data Collection field gear.
I found my Emlid Reach receivers too clunky to transport individually, so I acquired a Hard-case that could carry the pair with their respective antennae.
I acquired a second hard- case for data- collector, field book, chargers (& cables), tape measure, steadi- rest, DC tripod mount and a few other small necessities.
My accessory kit has evolved since adding GNSS to the mix.

Good choice to buy some weather proof hard cases to make sure your equipment stays safe!

Do you have more special accessories that helps you with your surveying work?

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A reflector-less/laser measuring device

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