G2 keeps disconnecting from N-trip server

We discovered that our south g2 is no longer on Rtk.
After trying to reconnect to N-trip, the g2 now keeps saying “succeed to log on server” which i assume (and from what i can see on the interface) means that it keeps periodically disconnecting from the server.
Any help would be appreciated

im on firmware version: 1.09.220914.RG50PY but unable to update to the latest version on this link. Firmware update South Galaxy G2 - Files & Documents / South Documents & Files - Surveying Hub Community

When i find the file locally and install it, i get “successful install, login later…”. But when i login again it is still on the old version

There where several updates for G2 in the past. It’s important not to only load the newest version, some intermediates must also be installed before. The best way is to directly contact euoffice@southsurvey.com normally Tom will help you with updating your device. He also helped me with updating mine!

check the server health with ntrip checker. its available on play store