Firmware update South G3

Hello everyone! Nice to greet you all! I’m from Argentina and I’m having some issues with my local distributor as, despite having purchased the equipment less than a week ago, they refuse to give me access to the latest firmware unless I pay them. I understand that this new firmware allows me to connect to Galileo’s HAS. If anyone has it and could provide it to me, I would be very grateful! Best regards!

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We can help you with this:)

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This is terrible
Not a good look for South instruments

I have the same problem in another Hispanic country, even for the entire Latin market there’s a video saying we need to pay for the firmware. I don’t know if that’s a south global policy or if the regional market decides to sell the latest firmware because the “Galileo’s HAS” connection. For my is a G7.

Sir bab can I get code of this

many thanks and more powerProcessing: IMG_20240320_103739.jpg…

El video lo sacaron por la insistencia que hicimos con un compañero a nivel LATAM. Es una vergüenza que se cubran unos a otros de esa forma. Pésimo servicio postventa.