Did you know that the South X6 Handheld GIS Receiver is also 1 centimeter accurate?


Weighing only 500 grams :leaves:, the X6 is the perfect GIS & Mapping solution for anyone who wants to digitally map trees :deciduous_tree:, parks, streetlights :vertical_traffic_light:, sewers and more.

This Android handheld has an integrated RTK GNSS receiver on board where you can measure to the nearest centimeter. Just like any other survey grade GNSS receiver. Pair it with your favourite software package like QGIS, ArcGIS or Field Genius :globe_with_meridians:.
If you want to quickly and easily record the position of objects then the South X6 is the ultimate solution.

You can use it in 2 setup:
Handheld only. Here you can quickly and easily take your measurements. This is good for when a centimeter or 10 is enough. This is because you are holding it in your hand and therefore cannot accurately set it to a point. Also, the height becomes difficult to determine

If you do want to be centimeter accurate on the height and width then you can attach it to a surveying pole with external antenna on top. This allows you measure accurately like any other RTK GNSS receiver :ok_hand:t4: