Did you know that the South INNO7 can get a 1-2CM FIX in the toughest conditions?


This is made possible because the INNO7 is equipped with a 60° calibration free IMU Tilt Sensor that can ignore magnetic interferences. Because the South INNO 7 is using one of the latest Trimble GNSS chips it is capable of receiving the newest satellite signals like GPS L5, Glonass L3, Galileo E5AltBOC and E6, BeiDou B3 and more. This ensures that the GNSS receiver can calculate a centimeter accurate position in a matter of seconds.

Being prepared for the future, the INNO7 is currently the only RTK GNSS receiver on the market that has the latest 5G network capabilities for even faster data transmissions.
You can connect the South receiver to any of your favourite surveying softwares solutions that allow you to measure and stake-out while working in your local coordinate system.

Import & Export your data in .DXF format so you can later process it in your CAD software. With the latest update you can now use the IMU tilt sensor in the Android version of FieldGenius as well. :construction_worker_woman:t4: :construction_worker_man:t4: