Convert SOUTH STH format to RINEX

Hi, does anyone know of a way to convert SOUTH raw file formats from STH to RINEX format?. I understand that there are some tools like South Geomatics Office and ToRINEX but they are not available on the internet. I have a SOUTH Galaxy G1, the data is only accessible by 7 pin data cable.

I would appreciate if someone has a solution and instructions to achieve this conversion or if it is possible to provide me with some of the software.

I feel that SOUTH limits a lot the software, example for surveying, post processing and even for converting its own format.

Estimado Samuel,

Escríbeme a y te enviaré lo que es estas buscando.
Tengo ambos el SGO 2.0 y el to RINEX.
Saludos cordiales


Gracias Atilio. Fue enviado el correo y muchas gracias.

Email enviado.

Buenos días, me sucede la misma situación, no he podido convertir archivos STH a RINEX, serias tan amable de compartirme el software. Mil gracias he buscado mucho y ya no tengo opciones

Yeah. Same problem here. I can’t find a rinex file or any way to convert from sth. This is not cool. I am struggling with how I should convert my files. I feel like South GPS is letting us down there.

I have the same problem, static only sth. RINEX3.02, RINEX3.0 buttons can no longer be activated.

hi dear… do you know how i can take online survy project… like autocading… agisoft…calculat and design profile of volume and other survy project ?
plz if anybody know help me …
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