Connecting a South G2 Base to a G2 Rover via radio

I set up the base via Field Genius. Set it as a base and configured the radio mode. I then connected the next South G2 via Field Genius and set it as the rover. I configured the radio and It looks like it is receiving data but the accuracy is still very bad. What am I doing wrong?

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HI @seamusmoley,

What accuracy are you getting and can you send me a screenshot of it please:)

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Andrew. I have just noticed that I am connected as a Galaxy G1 but mine is a G2. Would that be the problem

it seems the image wont load for me. SDH 0.426M and SDV 1.66m PDOP 0.9

When you are in the gnss rover profile,

Select instrument —> Connect ( or when already connected click on the 3 vertical dots and then edit)
What does it say for solution?

  • No solution
  • Autonomous
  • Float
  • Fix

When setting up the profile use the following options:
Make: South
Model: RTK IMU


Andrew. solution is ‘Autonomous’. When I am setting up the profile on the rover, is that the one to make RTK IMU?

Hi, @seamusmoley

Yes, choose South, and RTK IMU this driver for G2 in the list.
Check the radio protocol and frequency point in the G2 website, you can check base and rover both in the website, to make sure the working mode is correct.

Hi @south-michelle @south-michelle @Andrew,

I have made a tutorial video on how to setup the receivers as rover and base. I have skipped the settings in Fieldgenius android and made the connection between the 2 receivers via the web interface.
In fieldgenius there is no need to setup the base, As the rover, set it up as RTK IMU and for correction use (NO RTK) because this already happens inside the receiver itself. All you’re doing is sending corrected data straight to FieldGenius android.

I used the South INNO7 as the base and South Galaxy G7 as the rover but the setup is the same :slight_smile:

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Thank you for the video. I have gone through it and set up my system. Corrections seem to be fine now. I did notice at the end where you can look at the status. Your status said ‘float’ and mine is ‘fixed’. Is this an issue? The other question i had was. If I go to different jobs how do I set the base to that location or ask it to find its position?

that means your receiver has a good positioning status. Float basically means its gettings correction data but it isn’t cm accurate yet. when status is fixed it is cm accurate. Reason probably why it said float in the video is that it was setup in not optimal conditions close to the building and it needed more time to get fixed:)

Thank you Andrew. That is good to hear. I do however have another question. When setting the base to a fixed position or if I want it to find its own position, do I have to connect my laptop each time or can I access that information through ‘fieldgenius android’. It seems very cumbersome to have to connect my laptop each time. Also when I ask the base to find its position and leave it for 5 mins to get a good average, how accurate is that?