Communication problem Kolida K5 IMU / SurvX 4.0

Hi there,

we have a problem in connecting our Kolida K5 IMU and SurvX 4.0 Software. We successfully established a bluetooth connection. The connection box pops up indicating the data transfer K5 → Software. But there is no communication with any sattelite.

We have an active internet connection via Phone. As Data Link we use Phone network. The reccomended option Handheld network doesnt show up. Neither does Bluetooth or something.

We put in the CORS Data and were able to successfull get the Mountpoint. When we press connect there shows up. “Login succesfull” and right after it “Set Network disconnected”.

We also tried our K5 with a temporal version of SurvStar Software and everything works perfectly. There are no problems.

Do you mind whats the problem connecting Kolida K5 and SurvX 4.0?

Greetings Benedict

Hi @g2htwk,

Let me help you :slightly_smiling_face:
Is SurvX fully activated? as in it has a license key?

Also make sure no other apps like survstar are connecting at the same time you are trying to connect to survx. Maybe share a screenshot of the settings you are using:)

HI @g2htwk,

Please try a different version of SurvX and see if the issue is resolved. Make sure to deactivate your license first on the old SurvX just in case.
You can download the version from our Google drive:




SurvX is activated. No other app is used beside. Which settings do you need in special?

I downloaded the other version. How can i deactivate the license?