Carlson CADnet Software

Hello everyone! :slight_smile:

Why surveyors choose Carlson Cadnet:

:white_check_mark: Import PDF Files
:white_check_mark: Import BIM using IFC Files
:white_check_mark: Export Carlson surface to BIM using IFC Files
:white_check_mark: Convert Raster images to vector CAD entities
:white_check_mark: Modify Raster images using cut, copy, remove speckles and thicken commands
:white_check_mark: Create CAD entities from the raster image using Trace functions and raster snaps
:white_check_mark: Create text entities extracted from the raster images
:white_check_mark: Digitize from paper plans or on-screen images
:white_check_mark: Full set of digitize routines for points, polylines, areas, contours, profiles, sections and end-areas

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