Can the SOUTH Base and Rover connect to drone?

I am wondering if a representative from SOUTH can tell me if you can connect your SOUTH base and rover set to a drone, or is there a drone that is compatible with their products?


Hi @jstanton,
Which model drone you have? or which one you want to use?

We currently do not have a drone purchased, but have a Base and Rover set. We wanted to see if there were any drone that were compatible with our hardware, BUT we are open to the idea of using any really! I just wanted to see if we even had that option available to us.

I think the type of drone doesn’t really matter which one you take as long as its good for the application that you need it for.

In terms of RTK corrections, You basically have 3 options to transmit the RTCM Correction data:

  1. UHF Radio. For this you need to make sure the drone and base run on the same frequency and accept the same protocol. Since the South RTK GNSS receiver runs a 410 -470 MHz radio your drone needs this as well. As well as radio range is about 5 to 8 km (extended to 25+ km with an external radio) No issue if the radio receiver is in the controller

  2. Internet. Transmit data via the NTRIP protocol. You basically send RTCM correction data via the internet. In the South receiver you can put a sim card. as long as your drone or controller has internet access as well (sim card or hotspot) you’re good to go. You can setup the South INNO7 as a Base NTRIP Caster (Correction data transmitter). Your drone will be the NTRIP Client (Correction data receiver)

  3. WiFi. The south INNO7 allows to transmit correction data via its WiFi signal. This is good for when you don’t have internet access or when radio doesn’t work. Range is about 15 meters so just make sure your controller is close to the base. I know some people that use this setup and it works great. As far as I know your controller sends the data to the drone for processing.

Hope this helps :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you for this detailed explaination friend!