APOS Correction Service

How can I use the Austrian Service APOS in Field Genius Software? Is there a way to access my existing account on H6 Dta Collector

Hi @Lute,

Yes you can:)
Please check this video, it will go through the steps of setting up your connection with the GNSS receiver and FieldGenius.

Let me know if it worked:)

I could install APOS but the koordinate system is different. North and east are changed and the measured north value is like 507000 but it should be like 57000 and it should be the east value

Hi @Lute,

Which coordinate system are you using within FieldGenius?

Hi Andrew
I use Austria M31in APOS. Is there a further way in field genius to set koordinate system?

Within FieldGenius you can select a coordinate system:

Go to “Projects” → “New project” → “Coordinate systems” (On the side press the 3 horizontal bars) this allows you to download the coordinate files

I did so, but I thik I overlook something